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PS-601 (Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine)
PS-601A / PS-601B Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine (Double Heater)
It can be used to mold different type of blister packing transparent covers,
food container, box, ice cream cup, ceiling etc.

  • This machine has up and down molds capable of forming PVC, PET, PP and PS cover, containers etc.
  • Equipped with automatic plastic roll feeding device for manpower saving.
  • Divided section heater temperature adjustment controlled by LSR switch can get the most even, stable and ideal temperature.
  • Equipped with fan and water cooling systems.

Model / Specification



Forming area (mm)

570 x 1,000

570 x 1,200

Max. draw depth (mm)



Heater (upper)

24.2 KW

27.2 KW

Heater (lower)

15.4 KW

17.3 KW

Vacuum pump(Made in Germany)



Mechanical dimensions (L x W x H mm)

3,350 x 2,150 x 3,000

3,750 x 2,150 x 3,000

Case dimensions (L x W x H mm)

3,580 x 2,300 x 2,550

3,950 x 2,300 x 2,550

N.W. (kgs) / G.W. (kgs)

3,300 / 3,800

3,500 / 4,000