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PS-616 (Hydraulic Type Trimming Press Machine)
PS-616 Hydraulic Type Trimming Press Machine
For cutting shaped plastic sheet, about five sheets per stroke.

  • Equipped with feeding conveyor, automatic feeding, sealing and cutting.
  • Direct heating type sealer, no smoke and tight closed.
  • Photo-cell devices installed to be sure of safety and packing size adjustment.
  • With automatic waste reel system.
  • Packing material PP, POF, PE, Center-Folded film.

  • Model / Specification PS-616
    Working area 1,250 x 410 (mm)
    Motor 3 HP
    Storke 10 - 100 (mm)
    Maximum force 20 Tons
    Mechanical dimensions (L x W x H) 1,470 x 780 x 1,410 (mm)
    Case dimensions (L x W x H mm) 1,640 x 900 x 1,700 (mm)
    N.W. 1,000 kgs
    G.W. 1,200 kgs