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KDL-600 全自動液體充填機(液位控制)

Accurate filling level control by diaphragm pump not necessary to
adjust machine when filling volume changed.
Suitable for wide range liquid characteristic even high viscosity.
Touch screen control for easy graphical user interface.
Automatically stopping machine system by detecting the shortage
of bottles.
All stainless construction meeting G.M.P. requirements.
Easy cleaning up,low maintenance.
  Pharmaceutically liquid, chemical liquid, cosmetics, lotions, shampoos,
sauces,syrups, oil, beverages,etc.

Capacity 10~70 bottles/min
Filling Volume 300~1500 ml(1500ml~5000ml also
available for special order)
Filling Nozzles 6~12 Nozzles
(depend on capacity & filling volume)
Compressed Air 3~6kg/cm2
Power Supply
AC 220V 60/50Hz Single Phase
Power Consumption 1/4 HP
Machine Weight
350 kg
Gross Weight 500 kg
Packing Size 2590mm x 870mm x 2300mm

Machine Size:


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