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Other Machine Series
The KDJ-200 is an automatic self-adhesive type wrap-around labeling machine. It can be applied on different sizes of labels onto the round shape bottles.
Max. Capacity: 200 Bottles/Minute.
The KDJ-300 is an automatic resign glue type labeling machine. It is a applicable onto all round shape bottles.
Max. Capacity: 60 Bottles/Minute.

The KDK-100 is a semi-automatic capping machine.
The friction clutch can be adjusted for the  tightness of different sizes
of caps.
It is designed for press-on type and screw type caps.

Max. Capacity: 30 Bottles/Minute.

The KDK-150 is a semi-automatic capping machine that operates on screw type, press-on, flip-off, pilfer-proof, and thread screw type (aluminum caps).
This machine is equip with adjustable cap tightener and simplified height adjuster.
Max. Capacity: 30 Bottles/Minute.
The KDK-500 is a machine that automatically infeed caps onto bottles then automatically capping
the bottles. This machine operates on different sizes of bottles with different types of caps: Max. Capacity: 60 Bottles/Minute.
The KDL-280 is a semi-automatic ointment's filling machine.
It is applicable on filling ointment, creamy products cosmetic products, etc.
Max. Capacity: 30 Bottles/Minute.

The KDFC-200 is a Powder Filling Plugging Capping Machine.

Designed for automatic packing of free-flowing powder materials such as granules, powder, chemicals, Chinese &Western medicine powder and coffee powder etc.


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