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Kwang Dah has specialized in the pharmaceutical packing machine field as a leading manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan since 1945.


In order to meet the requirements for the internationally trend of Industry 4.0 specification, our equipments are guided by a smart factory as core values for production equipments to analyze and understand through big data, use visualization systems of cloud systems to manage and improve to increase the entire plant Production capacity and quality of intelligent equipment for the manufacturing process. In addition to providing professional services such as pharmaceutical factories, health foods and biotechnology factories.


We sold our machines in more than 70 countries (40,000 various types of machines) around the world. Due to our machines have high quality, stability, durability and perfect after-sales service we gained praise and recommendation from various international customers, and we cooperate

with well-known foreign manufacturers for ODM and OEM projects also.


Retaining consistent spirit of high quality. We have successfully passed the IS09001:2015 by TUV NORD Germany & Conformity European certificate issued by SGS.


Our R&D department design with high technology to meet customers' requirements and specifications. All parts are standardized by most modem CNC Machining Dept. center and strictly examined by QC department in order to supply perfect products to our customers. Machines are assembled with SOP procedure and checked with running test before shipping. 

Besides, we always provide customer with convenient and complete service anytime because we have a 1,200m² warehouse.


Accumulating great manufacturing experience in pharmaceutical packing machines, Kwang Dah is well prepared to offer best quality and service at all times.


Kwang Dah is your Best Choice

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Main Products

 Capsule Filling Machine Series
  KDF-6 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  KDF-6L Capsule Filling Machine (For Liquid)
  KDF-6S Capsule Sealing Machine
  KDF-2H Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (Horizontal Type)
  KDF-2HA Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (Horizontal Type)
  KDF-2 Vertical Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine (Discontinued)
  KDP-1 Capsule Polishing Machine
KDI-1 Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine
  KDE-300 Automatic Soft Gelatine Encapsulation Machine
KDF-HA Automatic Capsule Arranging Machin
KDF-LM Encapsulating Machin
  KDC-212 Multi-Tray Tablet & Capsule Counter
KDC-101 Tablet & Capsule Counter
  KDV-3 Automatic Counting & Filling Machine
KDV-5 Automatic Counting & Capping Machine
KDV-6 Automatic Counting Machine
KDV-7 Automatic Counting & Capping Machine
Counting Packaging Line
KDB-120 ABlister Packaging Machine (200 Blister/min)
KDB-120ALU Blister Packing Machine (Alu-Alu)
KDB-240 Blister Packaging Machine (400 Blister/min)
  KDS-800 Strip Packaging Machine
KDB-50 PTP De-Blister Machine
KDM-920 Blister-Cartoning Machine
 Liquid Filling Machine Series

KDL-980EU Aseptic Filling, Stoppering & Closing Machine (Vial/Eye-Drop)


KDL-980 Liquid Filing, Plugging, & Capping Machine


KDL-980SG Eye-Drop Product Machine


KDL-950 Volumetric Liquid Filling & Capping Machine

KDL-700 High Viscosity Liquid Filling Machine


KDL-650 Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine


KDL-600 Level Control Liquid Filling Machine


KDL-250 Volumeteric Liquid Filling Machine


KDL-200 Level Control Liquid Filling Machine

KDM-300 Cartoner Machine
KDM-300A Cartoning Machine
  KDM-900 Cartoning Machine
KDM-920 Blister-Cartoning Machine
 Other Machine Series
  KDJ-200 Labeling Machine (Self-Adhesive Type)
  KDJ-300 Labeling Machine (Resin Glue Type)
  KDK-100 Capping Machine
  KDK-150 Capping Machine
  KDK-500 Capping Machine
  KDL-280 Ointment Filling Machine
  Cylindric Desiccant (Silica Gel)
  Desiccant Inserts
  Biotechnology container packaging
  KDY-FC Tablet Coater
  KDY-FBC Fluid-bed Spray Granulator / Coater  
  KDY-FBD Fluid-bed Spray  Granulator / Dryer
  KDY-MG Super Mixer / Granulator
  KDY-CM Cone Mill

KDY-PM Power Mill

  KDY-SL Lifting Device
  KDY-HM Vacuum Homogeneous Mixer
  KDY-VM Mixer
  Herb Extraction & Concentration Equipment
  Vacuum Forming Packaging Machiner


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