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KDC-212 Capsule/Tablet Bottle Packaging Line -  Capsule/Tablet Counting Line Machine






KDV-5  Capsule/Tablet Counting Packaging Line - Tablet/Capsule Bottle Line Machine






KDV-7 Tablet/Capsule Bottle Packaging Line - Tablet/Capsule Counting Line Machine






Feed the bottles into 
the conveyor.


(Turn table):
Feed the bottles into the 



(Bottle cleaner):
Before the bottles enter the counter 
unit, a tube enters the bottle with 
pressurized air to blow out dust and 
the vacuum is applied simultaneously 
to collect the particles and dust.


(Tablet / capsule transfer):
To pull automatically the tablet / capsule inside the drum on to the counter's hopper


(Cylindrical desiccant 
dispensed A type):

Cylindrical desiccant 
dispensed into bottle. 


(Cylindrical desiccant 
dispensed B type):

Cylindrical desiccant dispensed 
into bottle before capping.


(Cap transfer):
To pull automatically the caps inside

the drum on to the cap feeder.


(Capping Machine):
Very flexible to change from one type of cap to another type of cap.
It can be applied for screw cap or press

on cap.


Pillow type Desiccant  dispenser A type: 
Pillow type Desiccant

dispensed into bottle.


Pillow type Desiccant 
dispenser B type: 

Pillow type Desiccant dispensed 
into bottle before capping.


Sponge dispensed:
Sponge dispensed into bottle before capping.


Wrap Around Labeling Machine (self-adhesive Type): 
The KDJ-200 is an automatic 
self-adhesive type wrap-around labeling 
machine. It can be applied on different sizes of labels onto the round shape bottles.


PE film dispensed: 
PE film dispensed into 
bottle before capping.


Automatic Labeling 
Machine (Resin Glue Type):

The KDJ-300 is an automatic resin glue type labeling machine.

It is a applicable onto all round

shape bottles.




Automatic Cartoning Machine: 
The KDM-300A is a fully automatic 
intermittent vertical cartoner that  automatically open/fold cartons, infeed 
products, insert leaflet into the cartons, 
coding and then automatically close the 


Automatic Cartoning Machine:
The KDM-900 is a fully automatic intermittent horizontal cartoner that 
automatically open/fold cartons, infeed products, insert leaflet into the cartons, coding and then automatically close 
the carton.


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