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Thermoforming Machine For Blister Packing

Thermoforming Machine for Blister Packing - Thermoforming machine、blister packing machine、automatic blister packing machine、cardboard sealing machine、paper card sealing packing machine.


Tray making in the machine directly to save space and cost.

The AVM-425C Model Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine is use to all type blister packs.

This automatic blister packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of elevator card packaging, which can increase productivity, save manpower, save packaging materials and storage space.

100% Made in Taiwan!

            • Actions of machine controlled by PLC programmable operation display, easy to operate.
            • Integral operation is made in the sequence of vacuum forming → vacuum (gas flush) → sealing → cutting.
            • Quick changeover of molds.
            • Installed with Germany vacuum pump.
      • Functions

        Protect against decay, moisture, dust, and increasing the quality of products.

  • Specification
    • Upper Packing Materials: Heat-Sealable Films or Papers
    • Lower Packing Materials: All Thermo-Formable, Heat-Sealable Film
    • Length Per Mold (mm): 200 ~ 400
    • LXW (mm): 400 x 400
    • Max. Drawing Depth: Upper 50mm, Lower 100mm
    • Products Loading Length: Up to 1300mm
    • Cutting Device: Trimming Press Type
    • Packing Capacity: 4 ~ 10 cycle/min
    • Conveyor Motor: Servomotor 1kw
    • Vacuum Pump: 40M/hr x 2
    • Vacuum Pump motor: 4HP
    • Trimming Motor: 5HP (Trimming Press Type)
    • Heater: 4.2 kw x 2
    • Compressed Air Consumption: 7 bar
    • Cooling Water Consumption: 150 ~ 200 L/H
    • Control System: (P.L.C Programmable Operation Display)
    • Machine Size (mm): 6200 x 1100 x 1980
    • Case Size (mm): 6400 x 1300 x 2180
    • N.W. (kgs): 1400
    • G.W. (kgs): 1800
    • Options-Products Loading Length: Up to 1776mm
    • Options-Punch Device: √
    • Options-Date Coder Area: √
    Thermoforming Machine for Blister Packing
    1. Date coder.
    2. Photo-cell device control.
    3. Gas flush system.
    4. Lower packing materials is Rigid Films.



    Suitable for fishes, meats, cakes, foodstuffs, computer parts, medical syringe, medical articles vacuum and gas flush packing. (Try this webside)

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