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Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

Automatic Vacuum  Packaging Machine - Automatic vacuum packing machine、food vacuum packing machine、vacuum packing machine、thermoforming machine.


For food vacuum packing

Thermoforming Machine is suitable for food packaging without manual bagging, which can increase productivity, save manpower, and save packaging material costs. Compared with traditional plastic wrap + poly box packaging commonly used in supermarkets, there are often problems such as liquid exposure or fresh food moving and deforming.

The new form of skin-packing perfectly attaches the film to the fresh food, so that the original appearance of the food is not deformed, and the juice is perfectly stored in the food, and it will not gradually overflow with the storage time. In addition, the film can also increase the brightness of food, just as it helps fresh food to make beautiful appearance, which is more attractive to consumers!


      • The PLC program is used to control the display and it is fully automatic.
      • The vacuum pump is imported from Germany BUSCH.
      • Functions

        The packaged product has the functions of moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof and oxidation-proof, which can improve the shelf life, quality and value of the product.

  • Specification
    Advanced length 200~300 mm
    Max.Packing size W362 x L300 mm
    Max.Framing depth 35 mm
    Forming film width W422mm
    Skin film width W420mm
    Packing capacity 3~5 cycle/min
    Conveyor servo motor 1 KW
    Vacuum pump 40M/hr x 1, 302M/hr x 1
    Waste film rewind motor 90W x 2
    Heater 2.5W/3.75W KW x 2set
    Machine size 4300 x 1120 x 1930 mm
    Crate size 4600 x 1300 x 2100 mm
    N.W. 1350 kgs
    G.W. 1750 kgs

    Suitable for fishes, meats, cakes, foodstuffs vacuum skin packing. (Try this webside)

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