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Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine - vacuum packing machine、vacuum sealing machine、food vacuum packing machine.


Model AVM-409D vacuum tank depth is 30cm. It can pack a medium size chicken or some kind of soup.

For small bags vacuum packing at laboratory or store.

This small vacuum packaging machine is divided into two types (AVM-409A and AVM-409D) because of the different depth of the vacuum tank. The deeper vacuum tank suitable for higher products, also suitable for soup packing.

      • Stainless steel surface.
      • Saving space.
      • Simple operation.
      • Automatic control, high efficiency.
      • Options: Gas flush.
  • Specification
        Vacuum Chamber (W x D x H mm) 470 x 470 x 150 470 x 470 x 300
        Vacuum Pump 21M/hr 21M/hr
        Sealing Device (L x W mm) 420 x 2 sides 420 x 2 sides
        Power 220V 1 50/60 HZ 220V 1 50/60 HZ
        Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 600 x 670 x 840 600 x 670 x 990
        Case Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 830 x 790 x 1030 830 x 790 x 1180
        N.W. (kgs) / G.W. (kgs) 100 / 180 120 / 200
        Sealing Beams Position

        AVM-409 Sealing Beams Position

        AVM-409 Sealing Beams Position

    • For sealing small bags at laboratory or store. For powder, grain products packing, such as coffee powder, yeast, powdered milk, coconut powder, beans etc. For sealing liquid foodstuffs, such as pickled vegetables. (Try this webside)

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