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Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine - vacuum packing machine、vacuum sealing machine、food vacuum packing machine.


  • Large vacuum packaging machine with automatic opening and closing cover device, operator easier and effortless.

    100% Made in Taiwan. Cylinder Type.

    This is a large vacuum packaging machine with two sets of sealing devices with a length of 1100mm. Both large and small packages can be used and have high versatility. The vacuum cover automatic opening and closing device makes the operator easier and effortless.

    • Protect against decay, moisture, dust etc.
    • Two sides sealing, high speed production.
    • Stainless steel surface.
    • Automatic control, high efficiency.
    • Options: Gas flush.
      • Vacuum Chamber: W 1200 x D 640 x H 150mm
      • Vacuum Pump: 100M/hr
      • Sealing Device: 1080 x 2 sides
      • Power: 220/380V 3 50/60HZ
      • Mechanical Dimensions: L 1450 x W 870 x H 850mm
      • Case Dimensions: L 1630 x W 1150 x H 1180mm
      • N.W.: 250 kgs
      • G.W.: 350 kgs
      • Sealing Beams Position

        AVM-422 Sealing Beams Position

        AVM-422 Sealing Beams Position

      • Suitable for computer parts or engineering products plants, food processing plants, laboratories, restaurants, butchers etc. (Try this webside)

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